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About The Book:  The Art of Crafting a Culture to Massively Grow Your Business.  Learn how and why putting principles first at work, changed the culture and rocketed a little North Dakota company from the basement into a $100+ million e-commerce superstore all while having fun & delivering more to customers, business partners & employees.

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“I was impressed with Scott Bintz’s commitment to culture from the first time I met him some years ago. He was able to grow a business from a hobby business to a multi-million dollar e-commerce enterprise. His book, Principles to Fortune, demonstrates what the true mojo is in companies- the people. RealTruck’s commitment to make people’s lives better was the secret sauce to their profound and unprecedented success. If you want to increase brand loyalty from your employees, your customers and even your strategic business partnerships, then you need to read Principles to Fortune. The book is based upon the principles Scott used within his own company, with concrete examples that can be adopted and adapted to most any company culture.”
Chip Conley – NYT Bestselling author, Hospitality Disruptor, Strategic Change Agent.

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"Companies with "one size fits all" ideas means they are moving towards one size fits none. #customize & #personalize for maximum impact." -- Scott Bintz from Principles To Fortune

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Why Scott Wrote The Book

Scott wrote this book for a few reasons; to share the RealTruck story, to help business owners and employees like me & to perhaps redirect the cut-throat assholes in to a more rewarding direction.

Dream On

Anything is possible.  Remember, there is always room in the market for better.


Find and learn to live by your values for better decisions not matter what.

Doubtful Passenger

Learn how to reduce or get rid of the doubtful passenger in your mind.

Why Culture Matters

Culture develops with or without guidance.  In business where people and money are involved, I recommend you give it guidance.  In this chapter, we will discuss why culture matters, why & how we failed at it our first attempt, why & how we succeeded at our 2nd attempt and the results.

Culture is everywhere. Sports teams and their fans have it, companies and divisions have it, offices and departments have it.  Countries, states, cities and blocks have it.  Families, churches, schools, classrooms.  Etc. It’s everywhere