100 Ways To Deliver More at Work

Principles to Fortune 100 Random Acts of Delivering More @ Work

Here are 100 ways to deliver "wow" to employees at work. Our random acts of delivering more to your staff is a great way to begin enhancing your company culture. Sign up for our newsletter to more tips on work culture.  Sign up for more work culture tips

100 Ideas For The Workplace

  1. Leave a sticky note on the break room coffee machine or fridge anonymously complimenting someone you work with for something nice, neat or cool they did at work, home or play.
  2. Send out swag items in your customer’s orders or just because to show your appreciation.
  3. Add creative and handwritten notes for your customers in their orders.
  4. Take note of birthdays. If a customer’s birthday is coming up, send them a nice birthday card signed by everyone in the office. Want to take it an extra step? Add $5
  5. Send a customer flowers/chocolate to show you care if they are going through a hard time, such as; death in the family, lost their house due to a natural disaster, Illness
  6. Surprise a coworker their favorite afternoon snack.
  7. Create a in workplace fundraiser for an employee or employee’s family member going through a hard time.
  8. Donate some of your PTO for a sick employee
  9. Send a quick note to your boss shouting out another employee for their great work.
  10. Purchase your boss flowers from your team to show how much you appreciate them
  11. Ask a new employee out for lunch to make them feel welcome
  12. Build a library of inspiring books for employees to borrow and add to the collection.
  13. Arrive at work early to make a fresh hot pot of coffee for the whole office.
  14. Bring in doughnuts for the entire office. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  15. Create a wall of praise for everyone to see if an employee who got praised by a customer
  16. To include fun in your word day, organize theme dress up days
  17. Clear snow off a coworker’s vehicle
  18. Start your coworker’s vehicle for them during a cold winter day
  19. Handwrite a thank you note to the employee that trained you into your job
  20. Leave some coins and a “Pass it on note” in an envelope for the vending machine.
  21. Get to work early and leave a piece of candy on everyone’s desk.
  22. Let someone in front of you in line for coffee/lunch/break
  23. Pay for lunch/toll/coffee for the person behind you.
  24. Create a local charity fundraiser, handout smiley faces to each person who donates, then ask the company to match it. Share the results and ask someone else to do one next month.
  25. Look around to see if anything needs to be fixed, picked up, or attended to. Do it.
  26. Give “go home two hours early” certificates out to employees who you have noticed doing a good job
  27. Collect school supplies to donate to local schools
  28. Create fun competition. Create teams and collect canned foods to be donated for families in need. The team with the most canned foods, win.
  29. Stay late at work to leave inspiring quotes on everyone’s desk to start the next day off right
  30. Dreading that weekly meeting? Bring in treats for your team to share at your next meeting. Sweeten things up.
  31. Volunteer to train new employees to share your honest experience with them
  32. Create an employee of the month parking space close to the entrance. Whoever earns the special parking spot, gets it till next month
  33. Include fun with a game of BINGO throughout a work day. Winner’s get small gift cards.
  34. Enter your employee’s name into a hat every time they recognize a fellow employee. At the end of the month, draw two names and let them enjoy a meal on the company.
  35. Find a fun trophy, stuffed animal, or figurine that you can pass around the office to employees to demonstrate your work values.
  36. Has someone done a spectacular act or gone the extra mile? Have teammates sign a company tee with a thank you message
  37. When you see someone demonstrating a work value, give them a token of some sort to turn in for a small prize.
  38. What’s the normal lunch period at your office? Double it for a deserving employee
  39. Commuting assistance. Have an employee who lives out of town? Share a gift certificate for a tank of gas
  40. Use the companies Facebook or twitter to recognize hard working employees.
  41. Make it about more than work. Create one day a month to acknowledge employee’s personal accomplishments outside of work.
  42. If an employee goes above and beyond the call of duty, add a little bonus to their paycheck but don’t tell them till the morning of payday.
  43. Invite vendors/partners to your office for a up close training session to better your employee’s knowledge.
  44. Organize company potlucks to get the whole team together. Want to take it to the next step? Create a theme for each potluck, such as; game day goods, soups, healthy treats, etc.
  45. Actually, call your coworker to thank them instead of writing an email or a note
  46. Have a pizza party. Who doesn’t like pizza?
  47. A coworker staying late to finish a project? Offer to bring them dinner
  48. Give everyone a pack of “Extra” gum with a note stating, “The difference between ordinary and EXTRAordinary is the little EXTRA.”
  49. Allow employees to nominate coworkers to be in a drawing for the end of the month. Draw a name and the winner can get a small surprise
  50. Create a company Olympics from paper airplane contest to singing and dancing
  51. Cover an employee’s desk/computer with sticky notes on things they do well
  52. Email, call, or text a co-worker or boss to report 3 things that they do for you, others or the company that you are grateful for.
  53. Thank someone or an organization around town for doing what they do that rarely gets a thank you with a note, card, or little gift.
  54. Notice somebody having a bad day? Purchase their favorite drink and write one thing you appreciate about them
  55. Call a business or partner randomly and tell them three things you appreciate them for.
  56. On your birthday, call someone who has greatly impacted your life or has helped along the way to say, “Thank you.”
  57. Create street signed for everyone with their years of service
  58. Create a culture team with people from various departments who meet regularly to discuss ways to improve their culture.
  59. Implement quarterly profit sharing
  60. Create a college like program. You can complete “courses” to earn a small raise
  61. Anonymous $50 to those who need it. Submit a name and if approved they would be given $50 anonymously through the company.
  62. Have yearly employee evaluations to discuss what can be improve and what has been going well.
  63. Create an exercise room
  64. Create a relaxation room for those stressful days
  65. Free soda, coffee, and snacks (within reason) available to employees
  66. Host annual company parties. Don’t forget a theme.
  67. Create a take your kids to work day
  68. Give all employees a Christmas gift. Allow them to choose between 2 or three gifts. Or create a white elephant gift exchange party or during a mid-day break.
  69. New employees get $100 in company credit to purchase business swag.
  70. Get creative, have office video battles.
  71. Give a rock-star welcome to new employees or special visits.
  72. Host farewell parties for employees moving on.
  73. Create training videos for employees for work or play.
  74. Create a dream space on the wall for employees to share. New month, new dream.
  75. Host a summer picnic Summer picnic. Fun way to get everyone together
  76. Create company sport teams.
  77. Create random acts of kindness missions for the team.
  78. Create a gratitude bucket. Ask folks to fill it up and read or pass on the gratitude list weekly or monthly.
  79. Leave a random note on someone's desk, sharing why you appreciate them.
  80. Ask you co-workers one thing you can do for them to be a better co-worker.
  81. Ask business partners what you could do be a better partner?
  82. Ask someone at work if they want to have a pop or coffee and chat. When you chat, ask them what are some things we can do to create more fun at work.
  83. Host a company town hall to update on employees on future plans and answer any questions employees may have.
  84. Host a talent show. Celebrate employees’ unique skills.
  85. Allow the manager team to have outside "retreats" or meetings.
  86. Offer employee discounts to purchase the company's products or services.
  87. Want to attend a trade or craft show for good business reasons. You can go.
  88. Create a random acts of kindness page to shout out employees for delivering more.
  89. Take your coworkers vehicle through the wash for them
  90. Employees want to get creative? Let them create a business float for a local parade
  91. Offer to stay at work late or come in early to help a coworker with a difficult project. Don’t wait for them to ask you.
  92. Clean out the break room fridge
  93. Host a lunch-n-learn. Provide a working lunch to employees during training days.
  94. Clean your office’s microwave. Even if the mess is not yours.
  95. Office decorating contest. Each department decorates their area for a holiday.
  96. Leave motivational sticky notes of your coworkers/boss’s desk
  97. Organize a volunteer day
  98. Surprise your business neighbor with morning doughnuts and coffee
  99. Invite your companies’ neighbors over for food to celebrate a special holiday- such as Thanksgiving
  100. Ask employees to share 3 goals they have for the next year with each other.

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Principles to Fortune 100 Random Acts of Delivering More @ Work
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