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“I was impressed with Scott Bintz’s commitment to culture from the first time I met him some years ago. He was able to grow a business from a hobby business to a multi-million dollar e-commerce enterprise. His book, Principles to Fortune, demonstrates what the true mojo is in companies- the people. RealTruck’s commitment to make people’s lives better was the secret sauce to their profound and unprecedented success. If you want to increase brand loyalty from your employees, your customers and even your strategic business partnerships, then you need to read Principles of Fortune. The book is based upon the principles Scott used within his own company, with concrete examples that can be adopted and adapted to most any company culture.”
Chip Conley, NYT Bestselling author, Hospitality Disruptor, Strategic Change Agent.

“Scott Bintz gives another example of how company culture can have a positive impact on people.”
Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos & Author of Delivering Happiness.

“Packed with business values you would expect from North Dakota. Scott Bintz’s, new book, Principles to Fortune, is an inspiring and wonderful read for those who run a business and those who want to start a new business.”
Byron Dorgan, Former U.S. Senator

“Scott is a calculated innovator. He has consistently demonstrated a pattern of taking short term risk based on data that shows long term trends. His business acts as a prime example as he thought to shift a historically brick and mortar business to e-commerce long before it was a proven concept. His book, Principles to Fortune, masterly captures how this was done.”
Brenton Lewis – Google

“Fun, exciting and a joy to read. Full of business growth, marketing and culture insights wrapped up with emotional connections that truly inspire. Principles to Fortune provides superb examples of how to get employee engagement right through value led business practices. This book will energize anyone who has ever dreamed big.”
Beth McConahay, Director of Marketing, UPS

“Principles to Fortune is a guide for those seeking success in the e-commerce field. It is also a remarkable defense for the central importance of culture in a business organization. Scott Bintz understands how to be successful in both arenas as a result of growing a truck accessory start-up into an Internet Retailers 14th “Fastest Growing in the Top 500.” I especially appreciate Scott’s willingness to share his knowledge with students, other entrepreneurs, and community leaders. This book is a natural extension of his instinctive gift for teaching.”
Robert Badal, President of University of Jamestown 2002-2018

“Scott has exceeded the expectations of customers, employees and vendors through consistently hearing what is important and meaningful for others. His book, Principles to Fortune is a reflection of that and jam packed with business wisdom. Scott’s passion is displayed through his success and leadership styles and that is now available for all read.”
Bill Nelson – UPS

“Packed with real experience and wisdom for growing a business. Bintz’s book, Principles to Fortune, shows how getting your company culture right, has game-changing results. Read it now!”
Garrett Moon, CEO & Co-Founder of CoSchedule, Author of 10X Marketing Formula

“I had the fortune of watching Scott Bintz grow his e-commerce company from a fledgling hole in the wall to a company that competed amongst the giants. Scott’s unique approach to growing his company came to garner the respect of the largest players in the industry. What was fascinating is how Scott did it his way, on his terms, all the while embracing a unique brand of culture as the centrepiece of his company. I always admired Scott’s out of the box approach, which seemed to set aside the stiffness of corporate culture and rely more on what he knew to be real. The fact that he has taken the time to carefully and insightfully outline his journey, lessons and wisdom in his book Principles to Fortune, is a blessing to us all. A great read from front to back.”
Julian Maimin, CEO of Reacha & Co Founder of BAK Industries

“Scott is the real deal. He has built companies to massive scale, created engaging cultures, and made a tremendous impact in his community. Now, he breaks down his ideas into simple steps that each of us can apply. The best part about the book is that its not all about business, its about personal growth too.”
Greg Tehven, Emerging Prairie Co-Founder

“Principles to Fortune is written for anyone in business. It’s entertaining, full of surprises and insights. Scott Bintz shares the experience of creating a winning business culture with almost unbelievable results, right from the tiny state of North Dakota. Marketing, e-commerce and work culture all packed into a wonderful and inspiring read.”
James Key Lim, CEO of FutureProof Marketing

“Scott Bintz has long been a pioneer in e-commerce but is most recognized for creating a culture the led to his company’s meteoric rise. The concepts in this book, Principles to Fortune lay out those principles and provide an outline which has had a lasting impact on my own business.”
Bob Wolf, President of ICI

“A great formula for business success. Scott Bintz’s book, Principles to Fortune is written for leaders who want to up the game. Packed with insights for really taking care of employees, customers and business partners.”
Carol Rogne, CEO of DFC Consultants, Ltd.

“This isn’t just another “How to Make Millions Selling Online” book focusing on achievement and profit. It’s much deeper and meaningful. It’s Scott’s authentic story of integrating core principles into his business to build a strong culture and help he and his team find personal purpose while doing so. The people at RealTruck happened to be building an eCommerce business but the strategies outlined in this book can be applied to any business. If fast money and power are your top priorities, don’t read this book. If creating true fortune in life through business is, read it and adopt this as one of your guide books.”
Clint Howitz, Founder & CEO of dogIDs.com

“I love this story. Leading by principle takes guts, smarts and unwavering dedication. Not only is it the right way to build, lead and grow a business, it is the only way. Scott’s principle-led proof and advice culminate in this real world story about RealTruck.com. Now, we can all benefit from and be inspired by this outrageously successful, against-all-odds story of an American born entrepreneur.”
Sandra Zoratti, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at The Marketing Network

“I had a front row seat for the transformation of RealTruck. The way Scott pulled together all of our collective values and formed our Guiding Principles was magical. But the real inspiration was what happened when we truly started living by those principles. We became a different company. That is captured masterfully in the book, Principles to Fortune. It’s a real page turner. ”
Jeff Vanlaningham, President of RealTruck 2007-2016

“If you want to take your business to the next level, Principles to Fortune by Scott Bintz, is a must read. It is full of valuable tools and principles to help you excel in your business. Winning on the race track or in business doesn’t come easy, or by accident. Check out his story how he came from the bottom, all the way to the top!”
— Dustin Strand, 2 Time Wissota National Champion Driver

“In Principles To Fortune, the insights shared by Scott Bintz are enlightening. As a hard working North Dakota Entrepreneur, Scott leveraged culture to build RealTruck into a $100 million business. This is a must read if you wish to accelerate your personal and business growth.
Marlo Anderson, Founder of National Day Calendar.

I’ve worked with many different types of companies and search engine optimization (SEO) is much easier and gets better results when you are working with a company that has a desire to improve and a willingness to take risks to get it done it. The book, Principles To Fortune shares how company culture can really impact a companies success in today’s competitive marketplace.
Ken Colborn, SEO & Analytics at Avalara

“Principles become action only through experience, by seeing them work on a daily basis. When those principles are focused on for an entire book by someone you know, an AHA moment is created for the reader. Scott Bintz has done just that. His blend of what is best for the customer and the employee reinforce much of what is necessary for success. Scott uses his personal success with RealTruck to develop a process focused on learning and asking the question, “How do I make today better for our customers and our employees?”
Bill Kennedy, Author & Development Director JRVLS