Doubtful Passenger – Soft Cover


  • Mastering the Doubt in our Mind and the World around Us
  • Get an exclusive look into Scott’s mind and how he dealt with his personal “Doubtful Passenger”
  • Omitted chapter from the original publication of the book, Principles To Fortune.
  • Length: 32 pages
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This is the omitted chapter from the original publication of the book, Principles To Fortune. This mini book will touch your heart and give you some practical insight on overcoming self-doubt.

We all have a “doubtful passenger”, it’s in our mind and out in the world. It must be tamed with perspective. We seem to be born with it to some extent and the rest of it is nurtured and grown from our experience. It’s a gritty, rough and raw view of labels I’ve allow to be strapped to my mind from my inner self or other people, along with experiences and some insight to how I’ve improved or given context to these labels, which have freed and allow me to do some pretty incredible things. One can’t do something, if you don’t first believe that possibly you can do it. A doubtful mind, will kill your passion, hopes and dreams if you allow it.

DNA – we are all unique. My goal is to be the best me I can be. Your goal should be the best you, you can be. None of us are great at everything. The “higher power” created us that way so we would need each other. This chapter is about my experience overcoming my doubtful mind. I hope some of my experience can help you along the way.

Mastering the doubtful passenger in one’s mind, needs some self-discovery and perspective. There is also a doubtful passenger out in the world, that needs perspective and thoughtful interpretation. First let’s go inside my mind; it’s such a baffling place. My DNA is what it is. That’s what I have to work with, I needed to discover what I’m good at and stop worrying about what I’m not good at.

Labels do not define anyone in absolute terms. Meaning 100% good/correct or 100% bad/incorrect, applies to no one. What are some of the labels you have strapped to your being? I say strapped because you believe them enough to attach them to your make up, your inner mind. These labels we allow be attached to us, are what fuels the doubtful passenger in our mind.

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ISBN: 9780999623442

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