Include Fun Guiding Principle 18″x24″ Poster

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  • Include Fun Guiding Principle poster
  • Spice up your office or office space
  • Include fun in your office!
  • 18″ wide x 24″ tall
  • Matte finish
  • Free Shipping
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Include Fun in your office with this 18″x24″ Include Fun Guiding Principle Poster featuring the Include Fun character in a matte finish. There is a difference between having fun and wasting time. It doesn’t take much to add a personal touch or something out of the ordinary to make something a little more fun.

Include Fun Principle: Don’t just have fun, create it. We want our lives to be an enjoyable and memorable experience for our family, friends and each other. In our pursuit of happiness, we want to add fun and excitement to all areas of our life. From how we conduct meetings to our interaction with people, we strive to practice our guiding principles. We believe the happier and more enjoyable we are the more productive we can be. Always remembering, that we take our responsibilities serious, but not ourselves.

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