Want to know what the book is about before you start reading?

We have got you covered! After compiling some data and reading the book; just a few times, we have put together a list for you.

Top 12 Takeaways

  1. It DOES NOT matter where you come from, you can be successful in business.Top 12 Takeaways
  2. Tons of ideas & actionable items to enhance & grow any business.
  3. How to deliver more to your customers, partners and employees.
  4. How to include fun at work and keep it going.
  5. E-commerce concepts to win in your space.
  6. Why running a business with principles creates more reward & innovation.
  7. Culture develops with or without guidance.
  8. Why companies fail at creating a winning culture.
  9. How to create a winning culture and get principles into the workplace.
  10. Why transparency matters.
  11. A culture of risk takers is the biggest driver of killing status quo.
  12. A culture of humility creates an environment of responsibility.

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