Why I wrote the book, Principles To Fortune by Scott Bintz.

I wrote this book for a few reasons; to share the RealTruck story, to help business owners and employees like me and to perhaps redirect the cut-throat assholes towards a more rewarding direction.  

  1. Share The RealTruck Story:  First to share the RealTruck story for those who created it and share how these guiding principles transformed it into unbelievable success.  
  2. For Business Folks Like Me:  Secondly, I wrote it for all the entrepreneurs and business folks out there that are like me- not always seen as the smartest in the room, and who don’t have access to the best colleges and resources. I wrote it for those who aren’t leading or working at the world’s greatest or next best “fill in the blank”.  You know the rest of us. The “normal” average everyday folks who want to create, build, grow and learn. The owners, leaders, managers and employees at the 27.9 million small businesses in the US.  And the future entrepreneurs like me, some of the 20.4 million students attending a “regular” college or university, who have lots of self-doubt that can be overcome.
  3. The Cut-Throat Ass Hole:  And lastly for the cut-throat asshole, profit first, entrepreneurs and executives out there.  If your only goal is to get rich, it probably won’t fulfill you like you think It will. You will be known as a cut-throat asshole who got rich. You can change that with principles and create a much more rewarding fortune, which it not just money.


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